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Benzaderm gel 5%
Benzaderm gel 5% Topical benzoyl peroxide gel to use for spot treatment of acne. 2oz tube

Peptide Plus Eye Treatment
Peptide Plus Eye Treatment Corrective peptides plus anti-aging complexes target the visible signs of aging. .5oz tube

Soothing Cream 1% with Aloe SPECIALS
Soothing Cream 1% with Aloe
1% hydrocortisone cream with pure aloe vera added to soothe and moisturize. 2oz jar

Non-Drying Cleansing Lotion
Non-Drying Cleansing Lotion A cetaphyl-type cleansing lotion that is specifically recommended for patients with dry and/or sensitive skin. 8oz bottle

AHA revitalizing cleanser 4%
AHA revitalizing cleanser 4% A 4% glycolic acid that cleans and exfoliates skin for a healthy look and feel. 8oz bottle

Super Rich Eye Cream
Super Rich Eye Cream Contains Vitamins A, C, and E in a rich, highly moisturized base to minimize fine lines and puffiness around the eyes. .5oz tube

Glycolic Acid Pads 20%
Glycolic Acid Pads 20% Hydroxy acid pads that gently shed dead, dull surface cells so that fresh ones can take their place. 50 pads